quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

About the Zombies

The master and the grasshopper in one of the precious muntilinguistic sessons of the Mundial History:

- A little group of universitários was completely angry with the greves. So, they armed themselves with AK-47s and, two days later, the newspaper noticied: "Counter-vagabundos win."
- Yeah, but you might remember the critical moment: "The zombie has been planted"!!
- Yes, yes... the zombie has been planted, the zombie has been divulgued, the zombie has been consumed and the vagabonds universitários was turned in Zombies.
- And they have be planted too!
- Affirmative. In the lua cheia they all converge to the Big Circle of the Jollity of Zombies and pray to the Five-pointed Goddess to provide them more and more zombies.
 "So, after all the pray, when the Sun rises, they all simulate a Na'Vi comunity and they live a very real zombie-integration with the mother nature."
- And zombie-orgasms with the plants.
- Yeah, fucking yeah. So, suddenly, in a beautiful daying day, with the flowers flowering, the trees treeing and the grass grassing, the coping cops arrived. A little girli... grilng... fuck, girling girl, "Roger", 5 years old, began to cry, and her brother, "Nigga", 7 +/- [5/(raizde2)²³] years old, the future King of the Big Circle, started to fly away to the airing air with his great partners of zombieation.
- But the cops say: "Here is the law!" And they killed all the corno birds who do this.
- Suddenly, the lawing law invited the Gravity to the parting party (tipping sv_gravity 666.666), and then the dead corno-bird Nigga falled just over the pipe of Roger, that increased her cry and runned immediately to get a new pipe. Then, a cop hold her by her arm and say: "so, you are the little bitch that did the lambança?"
- Yeah, then he shoot: "You are going to clean this shit!"
- Uhum. The cop-chief looked to the falled bodies in the grassing grass and say: "I foresee the newspaper: 'The nigga died'... WHY THE HELL they NEVER use helmets!?!? I got pute with this!!!"

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